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All the images on this site were taken within a 15 mile radius from where I live (i.e. Leicester and Leicestershire) with the notable exceptions of the Highrise Architecture portfolio (City of London), the account of the Solar Eclipse (Cornwall), and the photos in the 'Travel' section. For artistic reasons (I believe that photos should speak for themselves) no captions are displayed together with the images, but by holding your mouse over the thumbnails for a second you should get a brief title caption displayed as a popup-tooltip.
All images were taken outdoors with available light on 35mm colour slide film with the help of a SLR and a couple of zoom lenses, apart from the panorama format shots for which I used a compact camera with panoramic facility (also using color slide film). The portfolios of the Curve Theatre and Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2 and the photos in the 'Travel' section were taken with a Sony HX9V compact camera (which comprises a 24-384mm optical zoom range (in 35mm equivalent)).
Anybody interested in more details is of course welcome to contact me.


Leicestershire Landscapes

Landscape with Tree, near Billesdon, Leicestershire Landscape with Tree and Barn, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Stacked Landscape, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Colourful Fields in Spring, Leicestershire Landscape with Tree and Electricity Line, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Autumnal Trees, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Leicestershire Landscapes 2

Rapeseed Field, Leicestershire Blue, Yellow and Green Landscape, Leicestershire Charnwood Forest in Autumn Roadside Shrubs in Autumn, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Autumn Landscape near Billesdon, Leicestershire Fern Landscape with Tree in Autumn, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Landscape Panoramas

Fog at River Soar in Abbey Park, Leicester Fog at River Soar in Abbey Park, Leicester Autumn Landscape Panorama in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Autumn Landscape Panorama in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Autumn Landscape Panorama in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Autumn Landscape Panorama with Old John in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire


Tree in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Chestnut Tree in Blossom, Wermelskirchen, Germany Japanese Cherry Tree in Autumn, Abbey Park, Leicester Tree in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Dead Tree, Leicestershire Urban Tree in Autumn, Leicester

Highrise Architecture (City of London)

City of London 1 (Barclays Bank Building) City of London 2 City of London 3 (Taken from the Monument) City of London 4 City of London 5 City of London 6 (Taken from the Monument)

Modern Architecture

Staircase Detail 1, Industrial Estate, Leicester Staircase Detail 2, Industrial Estate, Leicester Engineering Building 1, University of Leicester Engineering Building 2, University of Leicester Reflection in University of Leicester Library High Rise Office Block in Leicester

Urban Panoramas

Red Building with Blue Sky, Leicester Shopfront in Leicester Shopfront at Night 1, Leicester Shopfront at Night 2, Leicester Parkscape 1, Victoria Park, Leicester Parkscape 2, Victoria Park, Leicester


Pigeon, Leicester Butterfly on Thistles, Leicestershire Deer in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Red Deer Stag in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Gulls Grounded Due to Snowfall, Abbey Park, Leicester Mallard Pair, Abbey Park, Leicester

Exotic Birds

Young Scarlet Macaw, Tropical Birdland, Desford (Leicestershire) Flamingo, Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire Penguin at London Zoo Tucan (Toucan), Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire Blue Fronted Amazona Parrot, Tropical Birdland, Desford (Leicestershire) Penguin, Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire

Exotic Birds 2

Flamingo at Twycross Zoo, Leicestershire Tucan (Toucan), Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire Exotic Bird at Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire Parrot at Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire Green Parrot at Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire Blue and Gold Macaw at Tropical Birdland, Desford, Leicestershire


Red Tulip, Victoria Park, Leicester Tulips, Abbey Park, Leicester Tulips and Forgetmenots, De Montfort Hall Garden, Leicester Tulip Close-Up, De Montfort Hall Garden, Leicester Daffodil, Castle Park, Leicester Yellow Tulip, De Montfort Hall Garden, Leicester


"Funfair Ride 1 "Funfair Ride 2 Funfair Sweets Stall Funfair at Night 1 Funfair at Night 2 Funfair at Night 3

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

All Red Caribbean Carnival Costume Colourful Caribbean Carnival Costume 1 Colourful Caribbean Carnival Costume 2 Caribbean Carnival Group Impression 1 Caribbean Carnival Group Impression 2 Caribbean Carnival Group Impression 3

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013 Costume Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013 Costume Leicester Caribbean Carnival Queen 2013 Another colourful carnival costume Young Girl at Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2013 Colourful carnival costume

Classic Jaguar Cars

Yellow Jaguar D Jaguar MarkII Close-Up Grey Jaguar MarkII Grey Jaguar MarkII Close-Up Jaguar Wheel Red Jaguar MarkII


Winter Scene in Abbey Park, Leicester Tree in snow covered Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Tracks in snowy Bradgate Park, Leicestershire Winter Scene in Bradgate Park, Leicester Gravestones in snow covered Welford Road Cemetary, Leicester Tombstones at Welford Road Cemetary, Leicester in Winter

Miscellaneous Photos 2

Dramatic evening sky at Leicester, UK Religious paintings for sale at Caribbean Carnival, Leicester Office front in Leicester Lone tree in field, Leicestershire Close up of giant cactus leaf, Botanical Gardens, University of Leicester Horse in rapeseed field, Leicestershire)

Miscellaneous Photos

Red Train at Cologne Station, Germany Office Front in Leicester Sun Shades for Sale Young Giraffes at London Zoo Poppy in Wheat Field Autumn Leaf

Curve Theatre Leicester

Curve Theatre from Orton Place Curve Cafe Curve Theatre from Orton Place Curve Theatre Event Poster Curve Theatre at night Curve Cafe night illumination

Curve Theatre Leicester 2 (Interior)

Curve Theatre Interior 1 Curve Theatre Interior 2 Curve Theatre Interior 3 Curve Theatre Interior 4 Curve Theatre Interior 5 Curve Theatre Interior 6
Please note that this site is purely intended as a showcase of my own photographic work and that the images (or parts thereof) may not be distributed or re-published in any form. The usual Copyright regulations apply in this sense. Images may only be copied without permission if this is strictly for personal (private) use and does not involve, directly or indirectly, re-publication whether in print or digitally (including the internet). You are of course free to mention this site or link to it.

Thomas Smid

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Wildlife/Nature: Wildlife, Trees, Flowers, Exotic Birds, Exotic Birds 2 + Solar Eclipse 1999.
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Travel: Sevilla: Sevilla Barrio Santa Cruz 1, Sevilla Barrio Santa Cruz 2, Sevilla Cathedral, Stained Glass Windows, Plaza de EspaƱa, Iglesia del Salvador, Sevilla Miscellaneous 1, Sevilla Miscellaneous 2, Sevilla Miscellaneous 3
Travel: Cadiz and Costa de la Luz: Cadiz 1, Cadiz 2, Cadiz 180o Panorama, La Barrosa Beach, Novo Sancti Petri Beach Sunset, Novo Sancti Petri Beach Sunset 2, Hotel Aldiana Andalusien
Travel: Santorini, Greece: Emporio, Gavrilos hill, Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Mouzaki Bay, Oia 1, Oia 2, Perivolos beach at dusk, Perissa/Mesa Vouna, Ancient Thera, Pyrgos, Santorini Panorama
Travel: Crete, Greece: Heraklion, Heraklion museum, Chania 1, Chania 2, Maleme, Msleme beach, Pirgos Psilonerou sunrise, Falassarna beach, Samaria gorge 1, Samaria gorge 2, Samaria gorge 3, Chania panorama 1, Chania panorama 2
Travel: Fuerteventura, Canary Islands: Corralejo, Betancuria, Betancuria Mountains, Las Peñitas Ravine, Las Playitas 1, Las Playitas 2, Gran Tarajal, Oasis Park Zoo, Miscellaneous, Betancuria Panorama 1, Betancuria Panorama 2, Las Playitas Panorama
Travel: Lisbon, Portugal: Lisbon 1, Lisbon 2, Lisbon 3, Lisbon 4, Lisbon Oceanarium 1, Lisbon Oceanarium 2, Lisbon Oceanarium 3, +Lisbon Panorama 1, +Lisbon Panorama 2, +Lisbon Panorama 3 (180o)
Travel: São Miguel, Azores: Ponta Delgada, São Roque, Sete Cidades - Mosteiros 1, Sete Cidades - Mosteiros 2, Sete Cidades - Mosteiros 3, João Bom - Remedios 1, João Bom - Remedios 2, Lagoa do Fogo, Ginetes - Mosteiros, Lagoa das Furnas, Milicias Beach, Religious tiles (azulejos), Sete Cidades Panorama 1, Sete Cidades Panorama 2, Sete Cidades Panorama 3, Sete Cidades Panorama 4, Lagoa do Fogo Panorama, Mosteiros Panorama, Lagoa das Furnas Panorama

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